Hello USIBA Community,

USIBA is Back to Boxing! We are excited to announce several opportunities to participate in future sanctioned boxing events. 

To accommodate students who sadly did not have the opportunity to participate in a USIBA event due to the pandemic, USIBA is offering athletes who were registered with USIBA during the 2019-2020 and/or 2020-2021 academic year and have graduated or will have graduated, an extra year of eligibility to participate in USIBA sanctioned events for the 2021-2022 academic year, including the 2022 USIBA National Championship Tournament. To verify eligibility, college transcripts showing student enrollment as a full-time student, or part-time for graduating athletes, can be uploaded onto your USA Boxing membership account. 

To celebrate USIBA’s 10-year anniversary, plans are underway for our 2022 National Tournament in Las Vegas, Nevada, this is an event you will not want to miss!!

Have you ever wondered what attending a USA Boxing National Tournament is like with over 1,000 boxers from Pee-Wee to Elite Boxers?  This is your chance! USA Boxing announced today the first-ever USA Boxing Summer Boxing Festival that will take place in Lubbock, Texas on July 7-17, 2021, during the 2021 National Junior Olympics, introducing elite and collegiate boxers to the national tournament. 

The summer Boxing Festival is open to all collegiate boxers nationwide. Weight classes and eligibility requirements are determined by USA Boxing. Due to the expected numbers of boxers interested in competing at this event, there will be a quota for each weight class. Once that quota is met, boxers will be added to a waitlist. Make sure you register immediately by following the link below.

More info: http://bit.ly/USABSummerFest

USIBA is committed to supporting our collegiate clubs and athletes. As we return to training and competitions safety will continue to remain our number one priority and USIBA will continue to adhere to state and local guidelines as well as recommendations provided by USA Boxing.

Please email any questions to collegeboxing.usiba@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing everyone again soon!

USIBA Board of Directors