New Nationals Weight Classes

As part of our preparation for this year’s 10th anniversary National Championships in Las Vegas we wanted to share with you the latest championship weight classes. As you will notice, the number of male weight categories have increased, with more categories added around the most popular weights between 140 and  170 lbs. We believe these new weights will help spread some of the talent around these categories, avoid multiple brackets for the same weights, and help larger schools avoid in-house fights at the Nationals.

Thank you,
The USIBA Board

113 lbs.
119 lbs.
125 lbs.
132 lbs.
140 lbs.
147 lbs.
154 lbs.
160 lbs.
168 lbs.
175 lbs.
188 lbs.
201 lbs.
225 lbs.
106 lbs.
112 lbs.
119 lbs.
125 lbs.
132 lbs.
141 lbs.
152 lbs.
165 lbs.
178 lbs.
178+ lbs.