Dear USIBA Athletes, Coaches, and Officials,

This is a reminder regarding The United States Intercollegiate Boxing Association (USIBA) new College Boxing Hall of Fame initiative.  After 10 years of great college boxing, coaching, and officiating, USIBA wants to recognize its most dedicated and accomplished members with induction into the USIBA College Boxing Hall of Fame.  The Hall of Fame will consist of three wings existing on the USIBA website:  They are as follows:

Athlete’s Wing

This wing is dedicated to those who made their contributions to USIBA through their time as athletes.  While success in the ring is one factor, there are other things that should be considered.  Here are some factors that will separate a Hall of Fame fighter.

  1. Multiple years of continued participation: competing in a USIBA tournament for multiple years (with or without multiple titles).
  2. Quality of fights: At many of the USIBA tournaments, fight of the night awards were given out and this is something that can be used to separate a hall of fame fighter
  3. Winning the Ira Mitzner or other Boxing Scholarship: This is a prestigious honor by itself and goes to those who not only do well in the ring, but also in the classroom.
  4. Holding a leadership position in their club:  Many clubs wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for strong student leadership.  A lot of fighters are also club presidents, team captains, and even coaches.  They donate a considerable amount of time to their clubs and schools, often at the expense of their own training.
  5. Continued participation and service in USIBA: This could include working as a student representative or taking other official positions in USIBA while competing or after graduating.
  6. Academic All-American Honors: Qualifying as an academic all-American can be included in a boxer’s Hall of Fame nomination
  7. To be nominated for the USIBA Hall of Fame, the student athlete should have completed their participation in USIBA boxing matches.  Active USIBA boxers won’t be considered until they have concluded their time as a competitor.

In this initial inaugural class, USIBA is allowing up to two fighters from each club, one male and one female, for inclusion into the College Boxing Hall of Fame for this year. Clubs that do not have both a male and female team are allowed two fighters from the same gender to be nominated.  If there is a club that has more than two potential hall of fame candidates, the most deserving two candidates from the club can be nominated this first year, and then more candidates from this club can be nominated in subsequent years.  Those student-athletes nominated for induction will be reviewed and voted on by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee, and those chosen will be recognized at the 2023 National Championship Tournament.  Those athletes who have been nominated, but are not voted for inclusion can be nominated again in subsequent years.

To nominate a student-athlete to the hall of famea nomination letter detailing the student-athlete’s accomplishments from a coach, student club officer, board member, or official using the criteria above (and any other factors that the nominator believes qualifies the boxer for the USIBA Hall of Fame) must be sent to with the subject line “Hall of Fame Nomination” no later than the end of the day on February 15th.

Coaches and Officials (Non-Athletes) Wing

This wing is dedicated to coaches and/or USIBA board members and officials who have dedicated an exceptional amount of service to USIBA.  This could be based on the number of years the coach has participated in USIBA, the success of their respective teams, character displayed during USIBA events, and other contributions to USIBA (serving in USIBA leadership roles, hosting events, etc.).  Similarly, officials could be included based on their years and quality of service to USIBA and USA Boxing as well as the quality of officiating.

Up to two people can be included into this wing of the hall of fame per year.  Nominations can be made by USIBA athletes, coaches, officials, or board members.  Nominated members will be reviewed and voted on by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee.  Coaches and officials who do not get in one year can be nominated in future years.

To nominate a coach or official, a nomination letter detailing the nominee’s accomplishments must be sent to with the subject line “Hall of Fame Nomination” no later than the end of the day on February 15th.

Donors Wing

This wing is reserved for those individuals and companies who have made significant contributions to USIBA and college boxing as donors and/or sponsors.   Nominations to this wing of the Hall of Fame can be made by USIBA Board Members.  The nominations will be voted on by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee.  People and companies who do not get in one year can be nominated in future years.

To nominate a donor, a nomination letter detailing the nominee’s donations and/or service must be sent to with the subject line “Hall of Fame Nomination” no later than the end of the day on February 15th.

Hall of Fame Selection Committee

USIBA is looking for volunteers to serve on the Hall of Fame Selection Committee.  Duties would include meeting through zoom between February 16th and February 20th of this year at a date and time most suitable to all members and voting on the nominees for each category.  Members of the Hall of Fame Selection Committee can consist of coaches, officials, USIBA board members, and student athlete representatives, and are limited to one representative per club.  For example, a club can’t have both a coach and an athlete representative serving on the selection committee for the same year.  For those who are interested in serving on the Hall of Fame Selection Committee, then please send an email indicating your interest to with the subject line “Hall of Fame Selection Committee”.

Thank you in advance for your participation in creating the inaugural class of the USIBA Hall of Fame Selection Committee and for helping us provide these opportunities to our Student Athletes.


Joab Corey

Interim USIBA President

Coach of the Highlander Gloves Boxing Club at UC Riverside